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< >Required
[ ]Optional
|Means "or"
botRefers to the Suggestions bot
administratorRefers to a user with the Manage Server or Administrator permission

Note: The placeholder characters < > and [ ] are not required when running commands.

One of the core components of the bot is the fact that the administrators can configure various aspects of the bot to their liking. From the suggestions channel to DM responses, you can take control of your server's experience.

With Discord's slash commands, it's easy to configure the bot with readable and UI-friendly commands and options.

Configuring the bot is really easy. The format goes as:

  • To view the current configuration, run /config get.
  • To view the information of a specific option, run /config get [option]. The bot will give you a list of all available options to choose from.
  • To set a specific option, run /config <option> <value>.

Here is an overview of all the configurable options. Keep scrolling for more information about each option.

Configuration for Suggestions

Suggestions channel: suggestions
Log channel: suggestion_logs
Dm responses: I will DM users on actions such as suggest
Suggestion threads: I will create threads for new suggestions
Keep Logs: Suggestion logs will be kept in your suggestions channel.
Anonymous suggestions: This guild cannot have anonymous suggestions.
Automatic thread archiving: I will automatically archive threads created for suggestions.
Suggestions queue: In use.
Images in suggestions: This guild can have images in suggestions.
Anonymous resolutions: Suggesters are shown who resolved their suggestions.

Suggestions Channel

Usage: /config get config:Suggestions channel (to view) or /config channel channel:<channel> (to set)

You can either view or set the channel where suggestions will be posted. You will be able to choose from a list of text channels in your server.

Suggestions Logs Channel

Usage: /config get config:Log channel (to view) or /config logs channel:<channel> (to set)

You can either view or set the channel where suggestion results will be posted after a suggestion is approved or denied. The options to pass through follow the same as setting the Suggestions Channel.

DM Responses

Usage: /config get config:Dm responses (to view) or /config dm <enable|disable> (to set)

You can either view if DM responses are enabled/disabled or enable/disable them if you wish.

When disabling DM responses, the bot won't DM the user on these actions:

  • A suggestion is submitted (an ephemeral message will be sent instead)
  • A suggestion is approved
  • A suggestion is rejected

Users are also able to configure their own DM settings using the /dm <enable|disable> command. This allows a user to choose their own preferences. However, they cannot override your server's settings.

This means if you disabled DMs via the /config command, the user will not be able to receive them if they tried to enable them.

Suggestion Thread Channels

Usage: /config get config:Threads for suggestions (to view) or /config thread <enable|disable> (to set) You can either view if thread channels are automatically created or not when a suggestion is submitted or enable/disable the thread from being created.


Bring out Wumpus to meet the fans!

Results so far
: 3
: 1
User ID: 158063324699951104 | sID: lrt97z1s
There are no messages in this thread yet.

When approving or rejecting a thread, you can opt to have the thread automatically be archived via the auto archive threads configuration.

Keep Suggestion Logs

Usage: /config get config:Keep logs (to view) or /config keeplogs <enable|disable> (to set)

When enabled, this configuration allows a suggestion to remain in the channel when approved or rejected vs. the bot being deleting the original message and posting the results to the set configuration channel.

Anonymous Suggestions

Usage /config get config:Anonymous suggestions (to view) or /config anonymous <enable|disable>

When enabled, this configuration allows users to optionally submit a suggestion as anonymous, omitting any of their profile infomation from the suggestion. Read more about this feature here.

Auto Archive Threads

When enabled, this configuration allows the bot to automatically archive suggestions threads when resolved (approved or rejected).

Usage /config get config:Auto archive threads (to view) or /config auto_archive_threads <enable|disable>

Images In Suggestions

By default, users can attach images to new suggestions. If disabled, submitters will receive a warning that they cannot add images as a Discord attachment.

Usage /config get config:Images in suggestions (to view) or /config images_in_suggestions <enable|disable>

Anonymous Resolutions

By default, the suggestion displays the staff member who resolved it when approved or rejected. If disabled, "Anonymous" will replace their name. Read more about this feature here.

Usage /config get config:Anonymous resolutions (to view) or /config anonymous_resolutions <enable|disable>